Week 5

Month in Review
1 Feb 2015

Week 5 – Month in Review

For this week’s issue, we want to highlight what we’ve been up to at OakTree Institute and inform you of some upcoming events and workshops.

January 2015 Recap


Umrah Trip with MAS Youth Chicago

OakTree instructor Mohammed Abutaleb led a group of dedicated Youth along with Brother Ahmed Moustafa on a nine day long Umrah trip to the beloved house of Allah. We ask to accept from all those who joined on this blessed journey and to grant us all the chance to visit house of Allah and the masjid of our beloved prophet Mohammed .

Khutba @ Tampa Florida

Mohammed Almathil, OakTree’s Executive Director and leadership trainer, gave the Friday Khutba on 1/9/15 at Masjid Dar-ul-Salam where he reminded fellow worshipers about the importance of defending our beloved Messenger through his character.

Public Speaking Workshop

Mohammed Almathil conducted an intensive workshop on Public Speaking organized by Islamic Society of New Tampa Youth Group at Masjid Dar-ul-Salam in Tampa, Florida on 1/10/15. This interactive workshop taught participants the essentials of public speaking in a hands on and practical manner. Participants learned how to plan speech according to occasion, how to construct and structure their content, and how to maximize effectiveness using various techniques.


Family Leadership – Ideal Muslim Family and Their Engagement in the Community

Mohammed Almathil gave a Family Leadership workshop at the American Youth Academy in which participants looked at effective skills to leading and improving the family at home and in the community.


Empowering the Faith of the Youth

Mohammed Almathil spoke to a group of youth about effective ways of strengthening their relationship with Allah and empowering others.


Weekly Blogs

After receiving your feedback from the weekly email survey back in December, we began sending you free weekly blog entries every Sunday morning. These articles focus on various topics including Leadership Development, Critical Thinking skills, Decision Making skills and much more. Starting in January, we began focusing on a crucial topic under Self Leadership and that is Change. Entitled “New Year, New You” instructor Mohammed Almathil outlined a simple and comprehensive 3 step model for achieving successful long term Change this upcoming year inshaAllah.

We hope you benefit and continue to engage with the content from our workshops, courses and weekly articles. We welcome your feedback and questions. Make sure to like us on facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our Youtube channel to continue receiving free enriching content.



OakTree Team