2016 in Review

29 Jan 2017

2016 in Review

Asalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulilah for another year passed. We hope that 2016 was a productive and beneficial year for you and your family. As you know, throughout the year, we worked with leaders of various organizations, nonprofits, student organizations and community centers. In 2016 alone, we collaborated with 110 organizations across 18 states to train organizational board members, executive teams, community members and students on various circles of leadership. We trained 100s of leaders, and taught 1000s of students all around the country. Below is a very brief overview of last year’s workshops, events and other training. 


Nonprofit Management Workshop (North Hudson Islamic Educational Center / NJ) 

Compassionate Communication (Drexel University / PA)

Shattering Doubts (Masjid Al Qassam / FL)

MSA Management Workshop (Univ. of Albany / NY)

Psychology of Diversity (City College / NY) 


Nonprofit Management Workshop (Islamic Center of Tacoma, CAIR, Almaghrib Inst. Qabeelat Ruhma / WA)

Nonprofit Management 2.0 Workshop (Bay County Islamic Society / FL)

United We Stand (John Jay College / NY)

Unleash Your Superpowers (Queens College / NY)

Lead With Mercy (College of Staten Island / NY)

Annual Spring Youth Conference (MUNA Youth / NJ)

Friday Khutbahs (Stony Brook, Islamic Center of NYU / NY) 


Ivy Muslims Conference (Yale Univ. / CT) 

Nonprofit Management Workshop (NIA Masjid / NJ)

Mosqued (Islamic Society of Bay Ridge / NY) 

Youth Representing Their Faith (Brooklyn Technical High school / NY) 

Diversity Within the MSA (Queensborough Community College / NY)

Friday Khutbah & Islamic Awareness Week Keynote (Drexel Univ. / PA)


Friday Khutbahs (NIA Masjid, Montclair State Univ. / NJ) 


Annual Pre-Ramadhan Banquet (Lehman College / NY)

Leadership in This Contemporary Age (Brooklyn Technical High school / NY) 

Muslims Thrive: A Conversation on
Mental Health & Wellness

Nonprofit Management Workshop (Clear Lake Islamic Center, MAS Houston, CAIR / TX)

United We Stand (Clear Lake Islamic Center / TX)

ICNA-MAS Convention Meet & Greet (MD)

Friday Khutbah  (Clear Lake Islamic Center / TX)


Muslim Officers Society Basketball Tournament (NY) 

Abridged Public Speaking Workshop (Muslim Community Center / NY)

MSA Annual Fest (Francis Lewis High School / NY) 

NIA Qiyam & Lecture (NJ) 

Friday Khutbah (Jamaica Muslim Center / NY)

A Discussion on Mental Health
(Muslim Center of Middlesex County / NJ)


Ramadan Khatera (ICNYU, Masjid Dawoud / NY)

College and Career Planning Workshop (MAS Dallas / TX)

The Art of Delivery: Public Speaking Workshop
(Islamic Center of Detroit / MI)

Destined to Lead Workshop
(Islamic Center of Detroit / MI)


MSA Leadership Summit (Islamic Center of Detroit / MI)

MSA Organizational Training (Rutgers University / NJ)

Level United Inaugural Dinner (NY) 

Anger and Addiction Workshop (Mubarakville / NY)

2nd Annual Leadership Training (Queens College / NY)


MAS Panama City Retreat (FL)

Character Building Series: Battling the Conscience
(NYU Tandon School of Engineering / NY)

MSA Organizational Training (MAS Boston / MA)

Resilient Leadership – Eid Khutba (NY) 

Eid Aladha Banquet (Lehman College / NY)

Value of Time (Brooklyn College Islamic Society / NY)

Our Long Distance Relationship with Hajj
(MAS Youth Center / NY) 


Psychology of Genuineness
(John Jay College of Criminal Justice / NY)

MSA Organizational Training (Philadelphia MSAs / PA)

Character Building Series: Control
(NYU Tandon School of Engineering / NY)

November / December 

MSA Leadership Summit
(NYU Tandon School of Engineering / NY)

Compassionate Communication Workshop
(Islamic Center of Detroit / MI)

Back to the Basics
(Queensborough Community College / NY)

Destined to Lead: How to Succeed as an Individual
(Muslim Youth Leadership Awards / MN)

Maintaining a Muslim Identity on Campus
(Long Island University / NY)

A Panel on Mental Health (Hunter College / NY)

The Struggle: Building Morale
(Queens College / NY)

Remaining Thankful (Adelphi Univ. / NY) 

We hope that we’ve been able to help you become a better leader in 2016 and beyond. We will continue working hard to better train you and provide you with the skills you need to be an effective leader. If you would like us to hold one of our training workshops in your locale, fill out a brief request form by clicking here. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us by clicking here or submit any leadership questions you have by clicking here. We hope you have a productive and fruitful 2017 inshaAllah.

Best Regards,
Oaktree Institute