By Mohammed Almathil
14 May 2017

10×3 Tips for More Effective Meetings

By Mohammed Almathil
Asalamu Alaikum,

Have you attended many unproductive meetings before? Were you ever confused as to why a meeting took place to begin with? Have you slept or dozed off  in a super long meeting that seemed to never end? Unfortunately many of us have experienced such meetings in which time is wasted due to lack of proper meeting management. Managing meetings is an important skill for every leader, and we can learn to improve and harness such a skill.

Allow me to share with you some simple, brief, and actionable tips that can make a difference in increasing your meeting effectiveness and in maximizing your time and productivity. Moving forward, please consider the following 10×3 tips before, during and after a meeting. Even if you are just participating in a meeting, you can proactively and politely recommend these tips to the meeting leader and facilitator. 

Before A Meeting:
  1. Is it critical that we even hold a meeting or would an email suffice? 
  2. Is this meeting one of our most valuable activities as a team or is there something else we can focus on? 
  3. Do we have all the information that we need for the meeting?
  4. Who is leading and facilitating the meeting? 
  5. Who should attend the meeting and what are their roles? 
  6. When and where will it take place? Will it be a physical or virtual meeting? 
  7. What is the agenda for the meeting and who will be sending it? 
  8. What results will the team accomplish and benefit from the meeting?
  9. What ground rules and guidelines must we all follow during the meeting? 
  10. Who, when, and how are we inviting members to attend the meeting?
During A Meeting:
  1. Arrive early and ensure proper setup of meeting room/call. 
  2. Greet and welcome attendees. 
  3. Start exactly on time no matter what! 
  4. Remind the team about the purpose, agenda, and ground rules.
  5. Budget and enforce the time well. 
  6. Eliminate distractions and stay focused on the agenda.
  7. Give everyone a voice and stop any side conversations.
  8. Ensure that the objective of the meeting has been met. 
  9. Take meeting minutes and document action items. 
  10. Review action items and end on time or even earlier than scheduled if possible!
After A Meeting:
  1. Send the meeting minutes promptly (within 24 hours).
  2. Complete your own action items. 
  3. Update others on your progress.
  4. Follow up with others on their action items. 
  5. Assist others in completing their action items whenever possible. 
  6. Train those who need additional support and guidance. 
  7. Give and receive feedback regularly.
  8. Correct and discipline when necessary.
  9. Set a positive tone consistently. 
  10. Remind about upcoming meetings if needed.
I hope that applying the above tips will help you triple your effectiveness in leading and managing better meetings. Wishing you purposeful, productive and happy meetings 🙂

Best Regards,
Mohammed Almathil

P.S. What are your thoughts on the tips above? You can comment below any feedback or questions, and I will do my best to respond.