2017 in Review

31 Dec 2017

2017 in Review

Asalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulilah for another year passed. We hope that you had a productive and beneficial year. As you know, throughout the year, we worked with leaders of various organizations, nonprofits, student organizations and community centers. We trained organizational board members, executive teams, community members and students all around the country. Here is a very brief snapshot of some of 2017’s workshops, events and other training. 

  • 3 MSA Leadership Summits held
  • 18 Leadership Workshops conducted
  • 45 Events engaged in
  • 103 Organizations collaborated with
  • 4476 Students trained


The Compassionate Communication workshop was very beneficial whether the attendee came as a masjid board member, spouse, or daughter/son. Mohamed Hasan provided many useful tips to improve our communication skills. His interactive style kept the audience fully engaged throughout the sessions. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to improve their communication skills, especially in the work environment or family/relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and look forward to organizing another one in the future.
– Aishah Gabar Organizer Islamic Center of Detroit



Self-awareness, Empathy and Opposition with Mohammed Hasan was a highly interactive and engaging talk. The information was presented in a way that allowed the audience to put themselves in the shoes of other individuals, a perspective that many of us often take for granted. The message of his talk is strong. Hasan was our first speaker, and his presentation was full of life. His rich sense of humor, excellent word choice, and welcoming body language caused for a strong start to our event! Mohammed Hasan has a talent for speaking- we are so grateful that he spoke at our first event and we hope to have him again!
– Naiem Gafar | Speaker Relations | TEDx Brooklyn Tech HS



The Managing Self-Priorities workshop with Mohammed Almathil was a fantastic practical and interactive learning experience for all in the sense that it aided us in understanding the value of time and the way which we control how to utilize that time. From High School students to adult professionals alike, the message was clear and concise and applicable to all those who attended, brothers and sisters. it served especially well for myself as I see myself as an advocate of managing time being at the top of the list in Managing Self-Priorities.
– Taiyyab Zaman | Event Planner | MAS Staten Island


The MSA Leadership Summit with Mohammed Almathil and Mohammad Hasan has been very insightful and beneficial for our MSA. Even though this was my first Summit, I can see how the previous board has been employing the tools and strategies that were conveyed in previous workshops to professionally improve our own programs and solve our own MSA problems. What makes this workshop so unique is the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other exceptional MSAs while being advised and instructed by knowledgeable mentors like Mohammed Almathil and Mohammad Hasan. I had an illuminating time with such great leaders and I cannot wait to share and put the knowledge I have acquired to good use.
– Alaa Alam | Event Coordinator Drexel University MSA



MSA Volunteer Training with Br. Almathil gave me a 180° change in perspective on how to be a great leader. Not only did the speaker share his knowledge and wisdom but he made sure we were all actively involved. The atmosphere was motivating allowing me to be fully engaged thanks to the speakers unique approach and delivery. I can confidently say the material I was presented I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I am now forever changed.
– Hasnae Ayadi Head of Maintenance | Queens College MSA



The Art of Delivery workshop by Mohammed Almathil was the first of many leadership workshop trainings I plan to attend. This one was an eye opener to all the flaws we carry in ourselves and in our communities, but they were partnered with solutions and skills that we can all truly build on as a masjid, or msa, or individual leader ourselves. Loved the execution of his activities and involvement with the crowd, he really made the long days bearable. In conclusion, this was not only beneficial, but something that can’t happen only once. It’s to be continued and implemented in the future leaders of our youth.
– Iman Said Volunteer | Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center


The Volunteer Training workshop with Mohammed Almathil is exactly what our volunteers needed at this point of the semester. Mohammed delivered several motivating lectures on what it means to be a true leader. Our volunteers were challenged with fun, thought provoking activities. They really loved how Mohammed incorporate examples from the Prophet (PBUH), and other prominent figures in Islam. Above all, we really enjoyed how engaging it was, and how the instructor was able to read our volunteers and tailor the discussions and activities on the spot, according to the needs of our volunteers; clearly demonstrating superb knowledge on the topics. Our volunteers can not wait to have him again.
– Wassem Ali | President | Queens College MSA


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