Specialist InPersonal Development rooted in Faith and Understanding


Mohamed Abutaleb is the Doubts Doctor, empowering people to pose questions worth asking and find answers worth living. He is a lifelong student of the Quran and Islamic studies, where he has studied with a number of credentialed scholars and teachers and been blessed to memorize the Holy Quran. Mohamed also shares a love of science and reason and completed his PhD in electrical engineering from MIT along with degrees in physics and math from the University of Maryland.

By day, Mohamed works as a physicist-engineer in research and development at a technology laboratory. By night and weekend, he continues his studies at the Cambridge Islamic College and shares his love of learning as a trainer and lecturer at universities, community centers, and religious institutions. Mohamed enables his audiences to couple transformational understanding with practicality and relevance to daily life. Mohamed is married and resides in the Washington, DC area with his wife and family.