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13 Nov 2016

Creating a Win-Win Situation

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, One of the seven habits of highly effective people that Stephen Covey lists in his well known book is thinking win-win. Instead of making decisions that will benefit them and harms others, effective leaders work on taking actions that will both benefit them and their...
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6 Nov 2016

Be Genuine

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, Leaders are much more likely to have influence and positively impact people if they can gain their trust. One simple way of being more trustworthy is simply being genuine with others instead of portraying perfection. Although leaders should aim to be perfect, the realty is...
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23 Oct 2016

How to Get Others to Open Up

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, When communicating with different members of your team or with your family and friends, you will find that every person is different. You may notice that some people are easy to speak with and openly discuss with you their challenges and struggles while others don’t...
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16 Oct 2016

Expressing Appreciation

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, Great leaders know that communicating effectively with their team members is essential to making sure that their goals and projects are successfully completed and executed. A key component of effective communication is expressing your appreciation of your team members, friends and family. As a leader,...
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2 Oct 2016

Blog Feedback

Asalaamu Alaikum, In an effort to better serve you and continue creating beneficial content to help you become a better leader, we would like to hear from you your feedback on the blog content.  We want to make sure that we continue to cater the content of the blog to benefit you so that...
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18 Sep 2016

Four Types of Arguments to Avoid

By Mohammad Hasan  Asalamu Alaikum, Communicating with your team and with your followers is a great way of exchanging one another’s ideas and understanding how you can better serve your followers. These discussions can lead to healthy disagreements that help grow and improve your organization. However, as a leader you...
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4 Sep 2016

How to Transform a Person Through Encouraging their Positive Habits

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, As a leader, knowing how to effectively change a person is a very important skill set to have whether it’s a colleague, family member, or a friend. If you want someone to change for the better, instead of pointing out their wrong doings, encourage them...
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21 Aug 2016

How to Calm Down When You’re Angry

By Mohammad Hasan   Asalamu Alaikum, Good leaders recognize when they’re angry and know how to calm down. Controlling one’s anger is a skill that’s essential in any situation. The feeling of anger will often cause us to do or say things that we may regret. In this short video,...
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