Courses We Offer

Destined To Lead. How to Succeed as an Individual.

Attendees will learn to equip themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. They will identify potential obstacles as they embark on a new stage of their lives as well as learn to overcome them and maintain a balanced lifestyle. In addition, they will gain clarity on their college majors and learn to have laser focused goals that will make them exceptional students. Students will also learn different strategies of leading and influencing others on campus.

Nonprofit Management and Organization Development

Attendees will learn how to lead their respective organizations and take it to the next level. As leaders, they will be exposed to high level training with latest research and practical methods to enhance their effectiveness as leaders.

The Art of Delivery - Public Speaking Training

A practical workshop on the art of delivering a powerful message via public speaking. Attendees learned how to plan speech according to occasion, how to construct and structure their content, and how to maximize effectiveness and impact using various techniques.

Compassionate Communication

Attendees learn how to become effective communicators. Attendees will learn how to become effective communicators and will be equipped with practical social skills of listening and speaking. Such will improve their communication professionally with their co-workers and colleagues and personally with their family, friends, and community members.

MSA Organizational Training

This workshop equips MSA Boards to have the attitude as well as the tools to necessary better organize in order to serve their student population.

College & Career Planning Workshop

Through this workshop, High school and early College students will gain a sense of clarity amidst the confusions of college majors and careers. Students will learn to take responsibility for their success.

My Life on Purpose

Not only should we all live a life of purpose, but we should live our lives on purpose. What does that mean, and is there a difference? While we have a collective purpose as ambassadors, we each have unique talents and passion that drive us. This highly interactive course is a resource to help you gain more clarity, focus and efficiency to transform a random existence into a satisfying, meaningful journey that will positively impact your world.

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