Divine Intent: Understanding the Objectives of Islamic Law

Shariah provides Muslims with guidelines for living according to the commands of Allah (swt), as delineated in the Qur'an and sunnah. Shariah is a mercy for human beings and provides a means for establishing justice on earth. However, human interpretations of shariah have not always been uniform since the death of the prophet (saw). Maqasid al-Shariah (purpose of Shariah) is a foundational course that provides a methodology for understanding shariah based on its intent, explaining how some rulings must be adapted for the time and place of their application without sacrificing their objectives.

This course will provide you with a framework for understanding the wisdom of shariah and answering why certain actions are prohibited or mandated in Islam. You will understand the wisdom behind rulings such as why you must pray five times a day, and pay zakat, or why you must not drink alcohol, or commit adultery, etc. The course will guide you through differentiating between the means and ends of Islamic methods, such as which means to use to sight the moon for the end of discerning when the month begins. It will also clarify the method for reconciling narrations or verses that may seem ostensibly contradictory and explain the distinction between literal and purpose-oriented interpretations of commandments, such as whether a woman must not travel alone in the age of cars and airplanes, just as she should not have done so during the time of caravans and horses.

Ultimately, you will gain a greater appreciation for the inherent justice in the Islamic way of life and how it should be applied in light of our present circumstances as American Muslims. This knowledge will provide a common ground for interfaith dialogue, and a basis for addressing many modern-day allegations against the goals of Islamic law. But most importantly, this course will leave you better equipped for living your life as Allah (swt) intended, while demonstrating justice, mercy, wisdom, and good for yourself, your family and your society.

Registration fee prior to July 28 will be $75.00. On site registration is available for $85.00.

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