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Dr. Imad Bayoun

Dr. Imad Bayoun

Aqeedah, Tazkiya & Fiqh of Seerah


Dr. Imad Bayoun is teaching an upcoming course on Spirituality and Self-Purification.

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Dr. Imad Bayoun was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He received BS and MS degrees from the American University of Beirut. Subsequently, he moved to America in pursuit of higher education and completed his PhD in Entomology from the Texas A&M University. He is currently, pursuing a PhD in Islamic Studies at the Graduate Theological Foundation. Dr. Imad is employed as the Insectary and Quarantine Officer at the University of California in Riverside. He taught courses in Aqeedah and Fiqh of Seerah (Jurisprudence of the Prophet's biography) at the Islamic American University. He also teaches Arabic Calligraphy at the California State University in San Bernardino. Dr. Imad a member of the MAS Greater Los Angeles Chapter and is one of the lead instructors at OakTree Institute. He has produced series of lectures on various Islamic topics including the 20 Principles of Islamic Understanding, Muslim Character and Manners, Purification of the Heart, Islamic History and many more.