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31 Dec 2017

2017 in Review

Asalamu Alaikum, Alhamdulilah for another year passed. We hope that you had a productive and beneficial year. As you know, throughout the year, we worked with leaders of various organizations, nonprofits, student organizations and community centers. We trained organizational board members, executive teams, community members and students all around the country....
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20 Aug 2017

7 Responsibilities of Effective Nonprofit Boards

By Mohammed Almathil Asalamu Alaikum, Without a doubt, no one denies the fact that many boards of nonprofit organizations seem sincere, dedicated and service oriented. Some sacrifice tremendous amount of time and money, and perform an excellent job in establishing, growing and sustaining their nonprofit organizations. They deserve our appreciation,...
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16 Jul 2017

How to Deal With Unhealthy Habits

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, Are you struggling with an unhealthy habit? Do you find yourself feeling unproductive at times due to this habit? Whether it’s excessive entertainment or laziness, unhealthy habits have many negative side effects. They rob you from your time and prevent you from being productive. In...
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9 Jul 2017

As a Leader, Remain Aware of God

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, One of the important lessons we can learn from this past Ramadhan is that Allah SWT is watching over our actions, even if other people are not. Having this awareness helps you become a better leader by making you realize that Allah SWT knows your...
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4 Jun 2017

Replacing Negative Habits

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, As a leader, it is important to consistently evaluate your habits so you can weed out the bad ones and replace them with better habits. This Ramadhan is a great opportunity for you to review your habits, determine the bad ones and work on replacing...
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28 May 2017

Managing Your Sleep

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, The majority of people do not get enough sleep or do not sleep properly. Sleeping becomes even more challenging during Ramadan as our schedules rapidly change to accommodate taraweeh, suhoor and qiyam. So to help you sleep better, this week I’ll discuss specific ways of...
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14 May 2017

10×3 Tips for More Effective Meetings

By Mohammed Almathil Asalamu Alaikum, Have you attended many unproductive meetings before? Were you ever confused as to why a meeting took place to begin with? Have you slept or dozed off  in a super long meeting that seemed to never end? Unfortunately many of us have experienced such meetings...
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7 May 2017

Fifth Step of Forgiveness: Trust

By Mohammad Hasan Asalamu Alaikum, This week, we continue discussing the next step of forgiveness: trust. If you have not watched the first five blogs in this series, make sure you do so first by clicking here to see the first video, clicking here to see the second video, clicking here...
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